Get the proven system for new leads, bookings, and memberships that float centers owners are talking about. 

(With a bit of story along the way)
We've been getting leads and bookings since Day 1. 
Here's True REST Chico. The first place we ever floated at back in 2017 before we decided to go all-in on FLOATING :) 
We helped Mike Garret from Reboot Float Spa with his Holiday Sales Promotions.  
We believe in a data-driven marketing approach that gets you SALES not just LEADS.
Water Temple wanted a way to get new clients consistently and this is what Cesare had to say about it. 
Then we flew out to Water Temple and spent 71 days working with their team directly. 
Here's what a team member had to say about the growth, sales increase, and system for consistent acquiring new clients!
Someone posted in the Float Collective asking to get more info about Maximum Floats as a company. Within minutes, past and current clients hopped on quickly to share their positive experiences!
Our system has created a steady booking flow on a weekly basis at True REST - Austin!
The Maximum Floats Accelerator has provided Vladimir from The Float Room a way to get clients at will. He sometimes has to turn off his ads because of "too many bookings". 
Oakland Floats implemented our Customer Re-Activation strategy and had the best SEPTEMBER ever by an over 70% Increase!  
Ryan Duey has been consulting with us since the very beginning. 
- 1 Campaign we ran generated over 22 new members in 24 hours. 
- Another campaign, reactivated his past clients to get them to come in for another float (he had so many people wanting to book that it was overwhelming)
- And he's had several Holiday campaigns with 2x, 3x, even 4x Return on Adspend 
Matt from Central Coast Floats has seen 66 new bookings and 
$3,324.00 revenue from just $1,365.99 in adspend! (243% ROAS) 
We believe that if you can spend $1 in advertising, and acquire a new client that spends $1 with you, then you have unlocked the key to business success. (Because you have a predictable system to increase the number of new clients you want in your spa)

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